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We have tips you can use for a healthy mind, body and life.

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If you’re dealing with Mental Health issues you’re not alone. We have resources for you.


Having a healthy mind, body and life means integrating all the tools you need to lead your happiest, healthy life for you and your family.  Our philosophy is that you need to work on all these 3 pillars to make your best life possible.

We provide you with the best information possible from the experts, celebrities and people that have lived with difficult issues.  We have the resources to help you!

Radio Shows

Our syndicated Radio Show covers all things about having healthy minds, bodies and lives. We have wonderful special guests, celebrities, elected officials and experts on each week with a wealth of information. Past guests have included stars from General Hospital such as Maurice Benard, Senators and Doctors…. Click here to browse through our radio shows…

Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds

We have information on the different psychological and mental health issues that affect many of us here.  We also have resources on places you can find help and more support in our communities as well as our weekly radio show.  Here’s to a happy, healthy mind!

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Healthy Living Tips and Articles

Living healthy allows you to feel your best. We have articles, tips and resources you can use to find the best ways to shore up your overall life. Click here for more….

In the News

Stay updated to the latest mental health-related news with our coverage of news events. Click here for more….

Films, TV, Books and Music

We have a library of film clips, books and tv shows that our guests and partners have created that talk about their ways that they have worked to have healthy minds, bodies and lives. We also included some reviews from our health perspective. See more here….

Help Center

Here you will find links to many of the resources available to you if you need help. We have additional resources from our radio guests and events we post for each show as well under our “Radio Show” section.

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