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Past Life Regression & Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a hypnosis technique developed by Dolores Cannon, that leads the person to a deep state of meditation, where the Theta brain waves are activated. This allows us to open the doors to the Subconscious Mind and contact the Higher Self.

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The Structure of a Hypnosis Session

In the First Part of the Session, thanks to the channel that opens to their deepest Subconscious, personal memories recorded on our DNA are activated and memories of the Collective Subconscious & Akashic Records are brought to the present moment. The Higher Self chooses the info and places is going to take the person, for them to find in those experiences the answers to their current concerns, from various angles and perspectives.


In the Second Part of the Session, in this meditative state, we call in the Higher Self and the person comes to have a dialogue with him/herself in a calm state that gives them the answers to those concerns, conflicts, suffering and philosophical understanding of Life and their Souls. Those answers come from their highest wisdom, which in a conscious state they could not access because they are so wrapped up in discomfort and in their everyday life perception.

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Believing or not in the immortality of the Soul and in Past Lives is not the main goal of this experience but rather an inevitable awareness that comes from it...

Opening the person a wider understanding of themselves in their Human experience, their purpose, the lessons to learn and the opportunities to grow from a kinder, wiser, and free space in their hearts. This is an incomparable tool that opens our Minds the door to access our Souls!

Sound Healing


Online and Presencial Sessions

of Coaching to guide your Spiritual Process

Humanity is going through a beautiful change of consciousness. We are waking up as a society-species to a deeper understanding of our universal existence. 

in this process, you start to relate and dialogue with yourself in a deeper level, ask more existential and philosophical questions. Many things enter a space of healthy doubt, that require a process to clarity. 

To embody this path, and not get trapped in the middle by confusion, by not understanding where this is headed to, and walk your own path with strength to the expansion of your consciousness, it is important to be accompanied and guided. 


My intention is to make you your own Master.


Nobody is in between you and God/Source/Sun.

To purify your Soul, to feel the bliss of Life, we take a "walk to the wild side" of Life, and in seconds you become aware of Who You Are? 

Breath-E-xpansion and feel the Light in your Heart!


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Learn to meditate in Individual & Group Guided Meditations.

Learning to meditate is very important in our process to dive in our Souls connection.

Meditation can happen at anytime we are in a flow state of mind, and this is exactly what we teach you to acknowledge, recognize and promote in yourself.

By learning to come back to your center, and align from that point inside yourself, you will become empowered and truly be a conscious director of your own life.

This is what freedom really means!

We give online sessions & presential sessions in Barcelona & Ibiza.

To book a session please send us a WhatsApp message:


“It is necessary to alternate between reflection and action, which complete and correct each other” 

Antonio Gaudí

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