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Bonding is Integrating your Mind

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Psychoanalysts usually talk about the effect that maternal containment has on its constitutive function of the Subject, and its psyche, as a complex and dynamic unit, which contains mental functions, elements that are registered consciously or unconsciously, relationships between its parts', and so on!

Wilfred Bion perhaps describes one of the most interesting phenomena that negatively affects psychic balance: the Attack on the Bond. Any fact, experience or internal process that leads to a breakdown of psychic integration due to triggered anguish is considered an attack on the bond. It is he who most deeply describes the negative of a basic function of human existence that I dare say, concentrates much more extensively than what happens inside the human mind.

The bond is a function and consequence of human existence that capitalizes on psychic integration, learning, the possibility of memory, the linking of affect and thought, and so much more. It is a mental function product of libidinization.

The bond is in turn a relational phenomenon and process. We establish connections with others, we establish links, we are more than the sum of our individualities. And here we can understand the power of this mental and social function. In effect, we multiply to the extent that we link with rational or affective objectives and we generate connections, almost neuronal, one and the other, and we produce results, we create. But we also destroy, the bond is not the property of Love, it is only a function.

The bond has its maximum function in the spiritual realm. If we know about it and we are getting closer to the consciousness of being, we begin to understand the terrain of the sacred, the meaning of life in terms of our binding function to personal and spiritual growth, but also to our social and universal contribution. We are all spiritual beings.

Psychotherapy seeks to get closer to the field of linking positively. That which is broken: hope, desire, will, self-love, credibility in the other, the desire to bond with others, and so on, is what psychotherapy seeks to reunify, in a more complex version that we call integration, in a version that does not deny the negative or traumatic but integrates it into a whole that is more than the sum of its parts.

We are bound and binding beings.

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