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Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, in the midst of the infinity of daily time in which you live: Does the Soul exist? Do I have a Soul? And what is that if it exists?

When you stop and think about it, I invite you to close your eyes, take a pause to breathe deeply, and begin to feel and see from intuition who you are and how you are inside, what it is that lives inside your physical body, that you can feel and be aware of it.

That presence, that beautiful energy that you inhabit, is You, the Soul. And when you learn to breathe and inhabit it, you return home, you feel with yourself again, accompanied by yourself.

We spend so much time in our heads, in our minds and in our reasoning, that it is enough to stop time for a few moments and enter into the greatest silence possible, to truly listen to you, hear that you are alive.

I remember the first time I fully consciously felt my Soul inhabiting my physical body. It was in that regression that my understanding of myself, of life and existence changed completely.

Once hypnotized and taken to a past life that my Soul chose, I entered that masculine body, of a young, robust and strong man. I could see my hands and arms full of hair. I was walking towards the entrance of a town, on a path of rounded grayish stones. In the background, you could see a village in the middle of some mountains, it seemed like a small place, with a few hundred inhabitants or less. The first thing I felt was an immense desire to cry, seeing myself as someone else, but who I immediately recognized as myself.

What surprised me most was the immense desire to see someone who I assumed would be in that place. I asked my hypnotist, with my voice and tone slightly changed, from that other male personality who lived in the present tense, that I wanted to go see her. With great determination, in a compassionate and urgent way, from an immense nostalgia and with the beautiful hope that perhaps I would make it, that I wanted to see him. I still didn't know who she was - from my current personality - I just felt like I wanted to get there as soon as possible. And so we did, the hypnotist invited me to look for him and get to that home.

When I arrived at the portal of what was my home in that other time, I found a graceful and simple house, a house made of stones, with some straw and wood roofs, with crops and animals in the back yard, a door of Robust wood, all old, dignified and handcrafted. Two steps and when I opened it there was her, the one who had been my wife, my wife in that life. The immensity of the love that came out of my Being was impossible to be invented or faked. It was the greatest love I had in my life. Her blue dress, her beautiful apron, her delicate and feminine appearance, that woman captivated my Essence in that life. I cried with joy when I saw her, hugged her, found her again, beautiful, bright, simple.

When I started doing my sessions with clients, we were encountering the same thing. Consciousness moves to another time, another place, and the subject begins to experience sensations that awaken in all their physical senses. The Soul experiences itself in another body and begins to inhabit those memories in the present time, as if it were in a video game with 3D glasses. The amount of details, the flavors, the smells, and the links with which they are found speak to us again and again, of how the Soul is an immortal traveler through the Universe, inhabiting one identity and another, what we call the Self. (or rather The Selves), going through significant lessons and learnings in each life for the evolution and development of your Spirit.

And what is the Soul?

To talk about the Soul, we must first talk about the Spirit, the breath of Life, the Divine Spark, the ray of light, the force of life, the creative energy, which moves through and through your existence and everything that pulsates in you. the Universe in which you inhabit.

That Spirit is clothed in a form that we call the Essence, whose aroma, colors and tones take on distinctive characteristics. It is like passing that ray of light through a prism, and seeing the rainbow projected on the other side, that other side that we call the Universe, where men and women live in each life.

That rainbow is You, and in its infinite version, life after life, it is the Soul that characterizes you. In each life that Essence takes on qualities, gifts, forms, a temperament and an ethic, it has its own characteristics. These characteristics are what identify you, beyond everything mutable and changing that you can be and have, that shine identifies you and accompanies you, through time and space, life after life.

Once again, breathe and feel your Soul alive. Recognize now with your eyes open, what it means to return to your center, what it means to inhabit your body from the breath that life gives you. Feel, breathe. Welcome! Here you are again!

And you will wonder - And if I am here again... Why am I here again? And why am I here again?

We will then talk about the purpose of life. For now, enjoy the openness and freedom that is breathed just by recognizing that your Spirit is eternal.




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