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Which is you Praying position in Life?

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Life is about lessons and purpose. There are many ways to live but just a few in which Life sets you the limits to make you connect to your truthful humble self: which is your praying position in Life?

Martin Seligman, one of the pioneers of positive psychology, tells us about 3 types of happiness possible in all people:

happiness focused on pleasure and enjoyment,

happiness focused on commitment or involvement (in English the term is more exact "engagement")

happiness focused on meaning and transcendence

When we think about the things that generate well-being, I find myself in recent months with my personal experience of seeing myself once again asking myself this question:

What do I give my life to?

And under this question arises an underlying one: What makes me put my feet on the ground and get out of my micro-universe of fantasies and illusions?

The answer I got was simple and immediate when in my Yoga practice I was able to meditate on these questions in my prayer position. The answer jumped from a snitch generating immaculate relief, and there I understood that the relevance and meaning of the Yoga prayer position is equal to my response to that which produces happiness from my highest degree of human involvement.

Namaste, is the form of greeting of the Indian culture, which means "I bow before you". The beauty of this greeting is that it alludes, in its spiritual meaning, to the possibility of denying ourselves or reducing our ego in the presence of another.

If we transfer the greeting to what we give our dedication in life, our time and our learning, we can ask ourselves this question from the feeling:

In front of what do I present myself humble? As someone who is learning and wants to do it in the best way? What throws my cable to the ground and takes me out of my egotism, my selfishness and my megalomania? What do I feel vulnerable and compassionate about at the same time?

Now, let's add to this: get out of our space of egocentricity a little, connect with the other and with the other from a humble position, where we commit ourselves greatly, getting involved in their well-being, in their achievements, in their changes, or in that that for that other it is important, that in itself will make us happy.

In surrender and devotion is part of our happiness.

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Gustavo Pulido
Gustavo Pulido
13. Okt. 2020

Hola! me gusta mucho tu artículo, gracias!

Gefällt mir
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