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The Indelible Ink of the Personal Imprint

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Life passes under the cloak of time, routines and habits. Not only personal but social habits, which give us order, structure us and sometimes lead us to forget the reason and foundation of what we do on this plane called life.

If we live only to pass through here less than 100 years and that's it, then what case would this come to, right?

As all mortals know and feel at different times in our life experiences, we are here for more than just passing through time. We are at the same time to go through the experience of our own learning.

Each one from its essence, comes with its personal mark, marked in indelible ink. To be or not to be. We are and we are not ourselves.

To be within ourselves, recognizing ourselves without other people's mirrors, we deserve learning time. To know who we are, what our essence is, our personal imprint, as unique as our fingerprint, to know our cymatics, we have to find ourselves in silence, from a center alignment of energy and strength, but not that of pride, pmnipotence and vanity.

This center that each one of us has, this personal message that we bring, it is in us from the beginning to the end of time.

Human suffering comes from our own alienation. The more lost we are, the less we are recognizing ourselves, and fear arises, there are so many that overwhelm us, and we hide ourselves, we shelter ourselves in the shell of what is known and what is named by others.

The good and evil of others, of the people we know, of civilizations and the moral and legal codes of each State. We alienate ourselves but at least we coexist with each other.

And will that be enough? the simple survival in the known will be enough?

Isn´t obvious right? Otherwise there wouldn't be so many of us at different times searching for something else inside and outside us, which is not satisfaction or happiness but the essence, the personal mark.

Whoever is in its Center can find him/herself in a mental state of greater lucidity, of greater internal resonance, of greater clarity in general, where the affects pass to a more contained plane, they are observed, they are allowed to breathe but do not overwhelm, they flow and they pass and that's it, because the path is another than stagnation. The path is his/her own, is mine, my own, which no other understands.

It is almost always a lonely walkway because no one will have your exact personal imprint, although others can see you and respect you from where you are, but they will never be able to get into you fully or navigate in you that easy, because you are unique and unrepeatable.

Sure that sounds romantic but it is not, because in solitude you go through detachment, ease and freedom. Buddhists call this path the one that leads to enlightenment and liberation. We enlighten ourselves in lucidity and acting from our own good, ethics becomes completely personal even though it terrifies, everything is our own responsibility, the excuses are over.

Liberation is the release of attachments, fears, sometimes even intimate and distant affections and ties in the dimension that they usually have in most humans.

When you free Your Self, there is a Light that shines in the darkness of the Universe, from which you find yourself among other starts that equally bright in the infinity of Life.

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